How To Shave Your Pubic Hair For Guys

how to trim men's pubes

Use the proper techniques on how to shave your pubic hair for guys to get the smoothest, cleanest results. Whether you’re prepping for swimsuit season or you’re just trying to keep things tidy down there, it’s important to know how to shave your pubic hair without causing any irritation, redness, or itchiness.

If you often experience these symptoms after shaving, you just may be doing it wrong. Start using these tips and techniques to impress women with your manscaping downstairs.

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How To Trim Men’s Pubes

How To Shave Your Pubic Hair For Guys
How To Shave Your Pubic Hair For Guys

Trim Your Pubes First

Before you even think about breaking out the razor, it’s important to trim your pubic hair first. This will not only make the shaving process easier, but it will also help minimize any irritation or redness that might occur. To do this, simply use a pair of scissors to trim your hair down to a manageable length. Your hair shouldn’t be past an inch before you break out the razor.

Invest in a Good Razor

When it comes to shaving your pubes, it’s important to invest in a good razor—one that is specifically designed for sensitive skin. This will help reduce any irritation or redness that might occur during the shaving process. A cheap razor tends to nick and grab out the hair without always shaving, leading to in-grown hair and bumps. The last thing you want is to spend the whole day with an itchy or burning groin.

Soak In Warm Water First

Hair is easier to shave when the skin has been fully saturated and soaked in warm water. The heat softens the skin and opens up your pores and follicles, making it more gentler and easier to shave. Shaving on dry skin will cause razor burn and irritation. The razor won’t shave the pubic hair close enough to its roots, leaving you with itchy stubble that you’ll have to fight the urge to scratch in public all day.

Use Shaving Cream or Gel

Another important step in the shaving process is to use shaving cream or gel—this will help reduce any irritation or redness that might occur during the shaving process. Simply apply a thin layer of cream or gel to your skin before shaving. You’ll see a huge difference in results when shaving with a cream or gel compared to regular soap.

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Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth

When you’re ready to start shaving, be sure to shave in the direction of hair growth, or ‘going with the grain’. For most people, it’d be shaving from top to bottom. Going against the grain may give you a deeper shave, but it is more prone to irritation and razor burn. If you still prefer to shave against the grain, be sure that the hair is short to begin with, and use a good cream or gel to minimize irritation.

Rinse The Razor After Every Stroke

To get the cleanest, deepest shave– rinse the razor off after every stroke. This will ensure a clean cut every time. Pubic hair tends to be longer and thicker, which is likely to get caught in the razor. A razor covered in hair won’t allow the cleanest shaves, making you have to repeat over parts you already shaved, causing red bumps and razor burn. 

Apply Stick Deodorant on Razor Burn

If you didn’t manage to get a clean shave and end up with a bit of razor burn, an old stripper trick is to apply non-scented, stick deodorant over the irritated area. It may sound a bit weird, but the deodorant will have a cooling effect, soothing the inflammation and burning feeling. It’ll also help keep the area dry, making the itch and bumps less intense.

Trimmed over Bald

When deciding to shave your pubic hair, contrary to its popularity in porn, it isn’t necessary to go completely bald. Going sans any hair may lead to more irritation and itchiness, especially while growing back. Re-shaving recently shaved hair can also lead to red bumps and razor burn. Many women prefer men with a little bit of hair, as being completely bald can make you look younger or immature.

It’s best to just clean up the area, so the forest isn’t so dense. Trim down and shape up the outer edges just to the point where no hair would be shown if wearing a Speedo or tighty whiteys.

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how to trim men's pubes

Shaving your pubic hair should be a regular part of your grooming routine, even more so if you are sexually active. A properly maintained basement gives off the impression that a man is clean and has good hygiene.

It may seem like a daunting task, but with these simple tips, you can easily achieve smooth, sexy results—without any of the irritation or redness. So go ahead and give it a try. Your partner will thank you for it!

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